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About Us

I am Helen Hunt, a local Mum of 2, Antenatal Teacher NHS Midwife.  When I became a mother for the first time, I had no idea what was available to me and where to go for information about postnatal services.  In my role as an Antenatal Teacher, it is important to know where to go to signpost new families and this, Worcestershire Postnatal, we hope will be the perfect resource for us all.


I am Jo Lederer, antenatal teacher, pregnancy yoga teacher, postnatal practitioner and mum of three.  I live in Worcester and, through my work with pregnant women, their partners and families, I have become passionate about parents being able to access all the fantastic postnatal services that are available in the county, to help them make the best possible start to family life, with all the support they need!  Worcestershire Postnatal aims to do just that!

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