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Baby Massage



Bromsgrove, Redditch, Droitwich

LullaBaby Bromsgrove, Redditch and Droitwich offers a wide variety of activities, from sensory play to baby yoga and is linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (the curriculum for birth to five years). These activities have been specifically designed and chosen to expose your baby and toddler to experiences that will build connections in the brain to stimulate them and promote their early development, including:

·     Baby Massage

·     Baby Yoga

·     Tummy Time Techniques

·     Sensory and Exploratory Play

·     Calming & Relaxation Techniques

·     Baby Sign Language (Makaton)

·     Music and Rhyme

·     Paediatric First Aid

Our aim is to provide you and your little one with vital learning opportunities in a fun, friendly and supportive environment, where you can bond and make lasting memories.


But also, to welcome you the caregiver, to an environment that is safe and welcoming. Where you can feel relaxed and able to make those all-important bonds with other local caregivers. Which is why our class sizes are kept small. This also means I can get to know you and your little one well and you can do the same.

LullaBaby offers 3 age specific classes from birth to 2.5 years of age. Each stage has been designed with your baby’s development in mind and are carefully linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

·     Step 1 is for babies from birth to 5 months.

·     Step 2 is for babies from 2 to 12 months.

·     Step 3 is for confident movers and walkers up to 30 months.


LullaBaby Step 1 is a 5-week course for our youngest babies and caregivers, covering Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Paediatric First Aid, Sensory Play and so much more. The course is relaxed, where you are free to tend to your baby’s needs, as well as ask questions, share ideas and discuss areas of interest. The focus of the course is to teach you a variety of skills, which will promote bonding, attachment and your baby’s development, to build into your routine in a way that works for you and your little one.  

Included in the course is:

·     Baby Massage including Colic Relief Strokes

·     Baby Yoga

·     Paediatric First Aid ( 1 hour session)

·     Sensory Play

·     Social Time for moms and caregivers & a private what’s app group

·     Tummy Time Techniques

·     Baby Graduation


LullaBaby Step 2 and Step 3 are weekly themed adventures.  They are carefully designed to stimulate, delight and promote your baby’s development. Every week is different as you and your baby or toddler will go down in the jungle, explore the secret garden, zoom into outer space, enjoy all the fun of the circus and so much more; as you bond and make precious memories together. 

They provide a range of activities that offer a unique mixture of stimulation and relaxation, including:

·     Baby Sensory Play and Exploratory play - with a balance of adult led and child-initiated activities based around the weekly theme.

·     Baby Yoga - To relax and strengthen your baby, supporting their physical development.

·     Music and Rhymes - To develop early language and speech skills. Live instrument and vocal music features too.

·     Baby Signing - based on the Makaton signing system to help you and your baby communicate from birth. We sign each week to our original and unique “Hello Everyone” and “Wave Goodbye” songs.

·     Relaxation time - to help your baby unwind and take in all that they have learnt.


From 2023 we will also be offering occasional 2 hour Paediatric First Aid sessions.


Everything we do is supported by years of research, information and guidance. This allows you to enjoy this special and important time in your baby’s development, knowing that you’re giving them the best start. 

Contact Becky 07807303680 

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Welcome to the wonderful rollercoaster of new Parenthood and congratulations on the arrival of your baby!

My name is Nat and I am the MamaBabyBliss Teacher in Malvern. I am very lucky to offer classes and workshops for all things, pregnancy, baby & Toddler. I am a fairly new parent of two myself and have massively benefitted from supportive groups like these during my own parenthood journeys. I am dedicated to my mission to support the wellbeing of Mums and Babies. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon, Nat x


Baby Massage & Reflexology

Our Baby Massage courses will aid relaxation and digestion, help relieve colic and help your baby to sleep. Over a six-week course of classes you will learn to massage your baby from head to toe. The course includes detailed hand-outs to support the massage. We also set aside some special time for ‘MamaChat’ discussions and articles on a variety of parenting topics. Our focus is as much on you as your baby.

The last session of our 6 week block also includes a Baby Spa where babies enjoy a full body massage and a lovely nurturing bath. 

Daddy Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Workshop

Our special DaddyBliss workshops will enable dads to have some precious one-to-one bonding time with baby. Held at the weekend, the workshop focuses on teaching fathers how to massage baby from head to toe and many other fantastic baby bonding and baby soothing techniques.




Contact Nat



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Maternology Baby Massage


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Hi, my name is Angie. I am a registered midwife, and mother of three who has been working in the NHS most of my adult life. I have been working as a community midwife for the past four years and have had the privilege of caring for many women and their babies throughout their pregnancies, labours and throughout their postnatal. 


Baby massage is a wonderful experience for both the mother and babies alike. I believe that every child has a right to feel cherished by the nurturing touch of massage. 

I also offer baby massage courses that are run by an accredited massage instructor. This consists of 5 group sessions in order to teach you the principles of how to massage your baby in a friendly and supportive environment. 


I will provide you with your own bottle of the purest, cold pressed, and organic baby massage oil to use in our classes and you can take this home to practice with as well. I also provide weekly step by step handouts. I understand at Materonolgy that babies do not always stay quiet and may need feeding etc during the sessions. You may have missed some information or moves and so these will help you to learn the moves going forward. By the way, if there are any questions you have or are not certain just ask. That's what I am there for!

Contact Angie



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The Magic Of Touch


Learn how to massage your baby with the International Association of Infant Massage



Baby Massage can help:

  • Relax you and your baby

  • Encourage deeper sleep

  • Relieve wind, colic and constipation

  • Develop muscle tone and coordination

  •  Boost your self esteem and confidence in parenting


4 sessions held at Ledbury Children’s Centre


£20, oil and booklet included




Contact Lisa



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Yoga Dawn

Monday at 9.30am  at Willow Tress Children's Centre, Loxley CLose, Church Hill, Redditch, B98 9JL


Baby yoga classes are a joy!  They offer a lively mix of yoga-inspired practices for mother & baby, to promote health & well-being for the whole family.  Nurturing yoga practices are explored to promote recovery for mums & support baby's growth & development. 


All are welcome, so mums need no previous experience of yoga to attend these classes & babies are welcome any time after eight weeks up until they are fully mobile & ready to move on!  Twins/multiples are always welcome at no additional cost, as well as older siblings, who just love to get involved.




Contact Nicki



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Becoming Families Nurturing Baby Massage

Worcester and surrounding areas

Becoming Families is a local charity renown for providing exceptional antenatal and postnatal education and wellbeing.  We are committed to improving the physical and emotional lives of local families, from pregnancy and beyond with focus on the first 1,001 days.

Part of our offering Birthlight Nurturing Baby Massage, a unique blend of baby massage and gentle stretching exercises for you, as we acknowledge that your own self care is equally important.

This maybe a baby massage course, but Mums are very much in the centre of what we do.  We offer a safe place to share experiences, develop friendships and support.  Plenty of time to chat and drink tea after too.  

Held in our beautiful venue, The Woodpecker, Evesham Road, Spetchley, WR7 4QL.

We provide oils and mats.

Contact Jo 



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HRB Therapies - Happy, Relaxed Babies

Upton-upon-Severn & surrounding areas

BABY MASSAGE – One of the earliest forms of communication you share with your baby is through
Baby massage enhances the bond between a parent and baby.

Other benefits include:

~ Promotes relaxation and aids sleep
~ Relieves colic and aids digestion
~ Improved circulation
~ A feeling of wellbeing for both parent and baby
~ Development of baby’s co-ordination and body awareness

I am based in the beautiful countryside in Upton Upon Severn which provides an idyllic and relaxing
environment for you and your baby. Free parking on site.

Tuition is provided on a private basis either at my therapy room or in the comfort of your own home
and is tailored to suit your requirements. Tuition is available at weekends and evenings giving more
flexibility especially if another family member may wish to attend also.

Hilary BellMFHT

Tel.  07880 634 088

I also offer POSTNATAL MASSAGE for mums.

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Contact Zoe

Tel. 07950 892 917


Baby Massage


Our courses usually run for 6 weeks and sessions last approximately 1hr 15 mins.

Each session will cover massage techniques for each body part culminating in a top-to-toe baby massage. 

Illustrated hand-outs will be given out after each session, for you to practice at home between sessions. 

We will also cover discussion topics including babies’ non-verbal cues and calming techniques.

You don’t need to bring anything other than baby! Mats, cushions, towels and massage oil
are supplied. There are baby changing facilities and we are normally able to provide a bottle/jar warmer if needed!

The course is suitable from birth up to pre-crawling stage. Biscuits and other refreshments are also provided. Its a relaxed and supportive environment where you can meet other parents.

Baby Yoga classes also available.

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Contact, Danielle

Tel: 07866 555889

YogaBellies Loving Touch Baby Massage


Join Danielle on a gorgeous 5 week course to learn gentle massage techniques and strokes for your baby.


Baby massage can help with sleep, colic, digestion, general development, and is relaxing for both you and baby.


Dani ends every class with tea and cake, and time to chat with other lovely mummies.


Suitable from birth until baby is mobile.


Classes are small and friendly, all equipment is provided.

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