Baby Massage and reflexology

Babies Magical Moments

Astwood Bank, Redditch

Do you have a baby aged 6 weeks to crawling?

Why not come along to Baby Massage at Imagination Street Astwood Bank.
Whilst it is possible to learn the principles of baby massage from books or dvds, there really is no substitute for learning from an experienced instructor.

Within my group I will guide you through all of the basics of baby massage in a clear and relaxed fashion, ensuring that you use the right strokes with the right amount of pressure, watching you and your baby for the right cues and encouraging you both through this gentle learning experience in a manner that is informal and relaxing, yet is informed and knowledgeable.

The course runs over four, one hour sessions and includes entry to Imagination Street and use of the soft play for older siblings.

Course cost £38 per group and needs to be paid before the course begins to secure a place.

Only 10 places available, so book quick while they last!

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LullaBaby offers baby and toddler classes in Bromsgrove and is suitable from birth to 24 months.


We offer a wide variety of activities and information linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (the curriculum for birth to five years). These activities have been specifically designed and chosen to expose your baby to experiences that will build connections in the brain and promote their early development, including:


Baby Massage

Baby Yoga

Sensory Play

Calming & Relaxation Techniques

Baby Sign Language

Music and Rhyme


The LullaBaby programme has been carefully designed to educate, stimulate and promote your baby’s development. Our aim is to provide you and your little one with vital learning opportunities in a fun, friendly and supportive environment, where you can bond and make lasting memories.


We offer three age specific classes from birth to 2 years of age. Each stage has been designed with your baby’s development in mind and carefully linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Step 1 is for babies from birth to 5 months.

Step 2 is for babies from 2 to 13 months.

Step 3 is for older babies and toddlers 13 months to 2 years of age.


What do our customers say?


"LullaBaby is definitely a highlight of our week! Jo is a caring teacher who delivers well thought through, engaging and stimulating sessions. My little one (and I!) thoroughly enjoy the creative and exciting activities each week."


"LullaBaby is such a great baby class to attend in Bromsgrove. The classes are well planned and I love the way they have an objective for each session. The main sessions are multi sensory and you still get that time to mix with other moms and have a catch up, whilst your baby is stimulated by a wide variety of resources. Jo is lovely and welcoming which puts you at ease and makes the experience that little more special."

Contact Jo 07889163938




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Angelic Little Ones


Holistic Sleep Coach


Are you struggling to get your baby into a healthy feeding and sleeping routine?

Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep at night? Or in their own cot?

Do you have a toddler that refuses to sleep in their own bed?

Do you have an older school age child who struggles to switch off or have restful sleep?




Susie is here to help you help your baby or child sleep better – NO CRY IT OUT REQUIRED! Susie helps you holistically encourage your child to sleep better through gentle holistic therapies and by creating healthy sleep hygiene and finding out the root cause of the sleep issue rather than just trying to fix the sleep problem through harsh sleep training methods.


Healthy sleep hygiene = healthy rested babies and children! Every situation is looked at individually as there is no one approach fits all! We look at the child’s individual temperament and needs plus your own parenting style to create a bespoke sleep plan that is right for you and your family and more importantly one that you are comfortable with. Our methods will NEVER involve ‘cry it out’ or leaving your baby or child left alone to cry.


Changing your child’s sleep habits is a journey and Susie is here to guide and support you through your child’s journey to a better more restful nights sleep. Our bespoke packages are designed to help resolve all sleep related issues.


Call Susie on 07970 823969 for your FREE 20 minute Discovery Call

Calm & Soothe Colic

Do you need help with Colic?

Does your little one cry inconsolably for hours most days, especially more towards the evenings? Your baby maybe suffering from colic, it is said that up to 25% of newborns develop colic between the ages of 2 weeks up to four months and in some cases can affect babies up to 6 months of age.


What is colic? It is thought that colic is abdominal pain causes by the build up of trapped wind, my eldest daughter suffered from colic and massage really helped us both through the colicky period and beyond.

This programme of short massage and yoga routines for you to use with your little one is designed to help strengthen the digestive system and help aid the release of trapped wind and constipation. After teaching this programme in the comfort of mom’s and baby’s own home for many years I have now created the opportunity for you to learn this programme through videos and a booklet enabling you to learn at a time that is convenient for you and your family wherever you live.


Available to purchase through or through Facebook shop at

Contact Susie


Email       07970 823969


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Becoming Families

Birthlight Nurturing Baby Massage

Worcester and surrounding areas

We are a local Community Interest Company providing a range of services throughout pregnancy and into the postnatal period.

Part of our offering Birthlight Nurturing Baby Massage, a unique blend of baby massage and gentle stretching exercises for you, as we acknowledge that your own self care is equally important.

This maybe a baby massage course, but Mums are very much in the centre of what we do.

Held in our beautiful venue, The Woodpecker, Evesham Road, Spetchley, WR7 4QL.

We provide oils and mats.

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HRB Therapies - Happy, Relaxed Babies

Upton-upon-Severn & surrounding areas

BABY MASSAGE – One of the earliest forms of communication you share with your baby is through
Baby massage enhances the bond between a parent and baby.

Other benefits include:

~ Promotes relaxation and aids sleep
~ Relieves colic and aids digestion
~ Improved circulation
~ A feeling of wellbeing for both parent and baby
~ Development of baby’s co-ordination and body awareness

I am based in the beautiful countryside in Upton Upon Severn which provides an idyllic and relaxing
environment for you and your baby. Free parking on site.

Tuition is provided on a private basis either at my therapy room or in the comfort of your own home
and is tailored to suit your requirements. Tuition is available at weekends and evenings giving more
flexibility especially if another family member may wish to attend also.

Hilary BellMFHT

Tel.  07880 634 088

I also offer POSTNATAL MASSAGE for mums.

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Baby Massage and Reflexology

Holistic Therapies by Helen Branson



Based on Warndon Villages – I offer a range of Holistic Therapies – Reflexology, Facials, Indian Head Massage and I am also a Reiki Master.  I have a specialism in Reflexology as I am also trained in Facial Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology, Aroma Reflexology, Reproductive Reflexology (Fertility) and Baby Reflexology


Reflexology and massage is a wonderful treatment that can help nurture the relationship with your little one and help with bonding and attachment.

 It is a safe and effective therapy to use with babies and children and can be introduced at any age. It can be used anywhere and at any time of the day or become part of the bedtime routine to encourage restful sleep.

It is an enjoyable way to help balance and prevent a range of common baby related ailments and encourage health and wellbeing. You will learn a range of reflexology and massage routines that you can use to soothe and settle your little ones. The routines that you learn will also continue to benefit both of you through your child’s life as the techniques are the same as traditional reflexology - just tailored to suit.

The Baby Reflexology and Massage course can be run as 1 to 1 sessions (normally over 2 sessions) or in a group (normally over 4 sessions). The course is suitable for all parents, grandparents and carers.

The Reflexology and Massage can be taken as 2 separate courses.

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Tel. 0785 310 8966

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Tel. 07950 892 917


Baby Massage


Our courses usually run for 6 weeks and sessions last approximately 1hr 15 mins.

Each session will cover massage techniques for each body part culminating in a top-to-toe baby massage. 

Illustrated hand-outs will be given out after each session, for you to practice at home between sessions. 

We will also cover discussion topics including babies’ non-verbal cues and calming techniques.

You don’t need to bring anything other than baby! Mats, cushions, towels and massage oil
are supplied. There are baby changing facilities and we are normally able to provide a bottle/jar warmer if needed!

The course is suitable from birth up to pre-crawling stage. Biscuits and other refreshments are also provided. Its a relaxed and supportive environment where you can meet other parents.

Baby Yoga classes also available.

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Stand and Deliver Postnatal Services


Combined baby yoga and massage sessions, suitable for newborn babes aged 4-6 weeks, up to 6 months old.

Touch & Move Sessions are a “fusion” of baby massage and baby yoga, with each session tailored to the ages of the babies. Totally baby led sessions – gentle massage and gentle movements.

Touch is all important for a baby’s development – it helps develop brain cells, helps digestion and sleep, and calms babies. As a Hands on Babies Instructor, you will learn various strokes and moves, and show you how to integrate these into gentle routines.

These sessions are not just for the babies, relaxation, movement and breathing techniques are shared with the adults also (time allowing).

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Moon Babies Infant Massage


Hello, I’m Katy, Mum to three boys and an independent Infant Massage Teacher with 9 years’ experience teaching baby massage to groups and individuals.


Suitable from birth to pre-crawling stage, I offer a range of massage classes to suit you and your baby’s needs in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Classes are flexible and baby-led, introducing you to developmental and health benefits of massage for your baby. Each session includes rhymes and singing too!


From bonding with your baby to sequences which can help relieve the symptoms of colic and teething each session is accompanied with an explanation of the strokes and an easy to follow handout including diagrams of strokes learnt and theory behind each massage stroke. These are for you to keep and continue practising massage at home with your baby. Classes include relaxation time for parents. A positive experience for parent and baby including those experiencing post-natal depression.


Baby massage is a skill that can be practised as your baby grows and beyond, supporting their neurological, physical, social and emotional development.


I am pleased to offer:


  • Small group sessions in community venues – 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Group sessions in your home – (half price for the host)

  • 1:1 sessions in your home

  • Stand-alone introduction to massage and colic routine session

  • Concessions available



You don’t need to bring anything other than yourself and baby! – Cushions, towels and oil are all provided.

Contact Katy

Tel. 07711 236199

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Contact, Danielle

YogaBellies Loving Touch Baby Massage


Join Danielle on a gorgeous 5 week course to learn gentle massage techniques and strokes for your baby.


Baby massage can help with sleep, colic, digestion, general development, and is relaxing for both you and baby.


Polly ends every class with tea and cake, and time to chat with other lovely mummies.


Suitable from birth until baby is mobile.


Classes are small and friendly, all equipment is provided.

Tel: 07866 555889


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