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How to list your service on Worcestershire Postnatal

Please note that these not for profit sites are run voluntarily by Jo and Helen at  


We both have full time work and our own families, so please be patient with us!  All incoming revenues from the sites are reinvested into promoting the sites via attractive postcards distributed by Community Midwives and social media campaigns.   Any profits are donated to local projects aimed at supporting expectant or new families.


If you offer a postnatal service that you think should be listed on this Worcestershire Postnatal, please e-mail details to


There is an annual fee of just £20.00 for a listing on or you can choose to also have a listing on for a combined fee of £25.00 per year.


Free listings available on Worcester Postnatal for voluntary community services or groups.  Please contact us with your details.


Please note that inclusion of services on these websites are at the discretion of the page managers.


These are our Ts and Cs as of May 2018.  




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