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Mental Health Support

Research suggests that 10-15% of women experience post natal mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress and negative thoughts.  However, the real number of women suffering could be much higher at around 3 or 4 in 10. 

You are not alone.

It is also recognised that around 10% of new dads suffer with post natal depression too.

If you are struggling with your emotional wellbeing, you can tell your health visitor or GP, who can offer you support and advice about treatments. 

Talking therapies like counselling can be really effective. For some people, medications can be helpful (your doctor can advise you on taking medications if you are breastfeeding).

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Tel.  Jo 07789 682197

Becoming Families Worcestershire

Becoming Families is a local charity developed in response to an unmet need for evidence-based and accessible support for local parents in their journey to becoming families.


We recognise that this life-changing time brings challenges, as well as joys, and want to be there to help smooth the transition and give new families the best possible start. 

After listening to the needs of local mothers who have lived with postnatal depression and anxiety, we have created a postnatal wellbeing support group to fill the gap in postnatal mental health provision.

The new Postnatal Wellbeing Support group is aimed at new mothers who are struggling with their emotional wellbeing. It is an informal, relaxed, but informative and supportive group. Babies up to a year old are very welcome to attend :)

Contact us for a self-referral forms.

Numbers will be kept small to ensure that members feel comfortable and safe x

Free to attend.

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Green Moon Baby Spa


The Milkworks

A drop in space for people breast/chest or combi feeding their babies.

10-11.30am Tuesdays

The Wellbeing Tree


  • Get information and support with feeding your baby

  • Meet new people

  • Ante-natal visits welcome

  • £2.50 a session

Fill up your loyalty card for a free gift.


A mindful walk and talk for new parents


Meeting Tuesday mornings at 9am

The band stand,

Sanders park, Bromsgrove

  • Boost your emotional wellbeing in nature

  • Be calm and connected to you & your baby

  • Get your steps in


  • Free or pay what you feel @buymeacoffee

Contact Sarah whatsapp or call 07498222415


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Birth Trauma Resolution


Are you struggling with unwelcome thoughts and feelings about a previous pregnancy, birth or postnatal experience?


This may include feelings of stress and anxiety when recalling memories, intrusive and upsetting dreams, flashbacks, or inability to talk about your experience without getting upset. This treatment offers fast and effective relief f in as little as one session.

It is offered by Cathy Green, a registered Midwife and Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner.


See the website for further details and testimonials

Tel. 07887 526579

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Was your birth difficult?

Or perhaps you had a traumatic event during your pregnancy or during the postnatal period, including relating to breastfeeding?

Or perhaps you have experienced fertility issues, which have left you with negative emotions that affect you every day? 

Are you pregnant again following a previous birth trauma, and want to clear the past experience whilst planning positively for your upcoming birth? 

As part of my support work with you, I use a range of therapies and techniques including EFT (also known as tapping), EMDR and Rewind. We work together using the most suitable technique or therapy for you. We can help lift any negative emotions associated with a past perinatal trauma helping you to move forward with your life in a positive way.

I am a TBR practitioner (Traumatic Birth Recovery) and trained in the Birth Rewind technique. 

I am also trained by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks in EMDR techniques and can use this very effective tool when I work with clients. 

I am also a trained EFT therapist working towards my EFT International accreditation and trained by EFT Founding Master Tania Prince. EFT is a fast and effective therapy for working on anxiety, stress and depression as well as clearing negative and limiting beliefs to help you move forward with your life. 

Listening and birth debrief service: I also offer a listening and debrief service to help you understand better the feelings about your birth experience, explore with you how they are affecting your every day life and work towards resolving them so you can move forward positively with your life. This may also include planning for your next birth such as creating a trauma-informed birth plan or helping you approach your care provider. 

I work on ZOOM so accessing this support and therapy could not be easier.

I offer an initial no obligation chat on the phone to see how I might be able to help before we agree a plan of support for you.

Tel Helen: 07920 514903


Becoming pregnant, being pregnant, delivering a baby and the early years can be an emotionally challenging time, and it is very common to feel emotional distress. Whatever your struggle, we know this is a very common experience and talking about it is the first step to getting to where you want to be.


We are a talking therapy service for parents and parents to be who may be struggling with the journey through parenthood.  The Koala Tree CIC is run by Amy and Adele, both Clinical Psychologists with a special interest in this period of life.



The Koala Cuppa - a group for parents to meet up and talk about the charms and challenges of parenthood.  See website for further details.


Therapy - we provide individual talking therapy for parents.


If you would like to speak to us about any of the work we do, you are very welcome to contact us.  

Tel. 07904 008845

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Mummy Boost

Mummy Boost is a non-judgemental local community page, for mums to support other mums.

Mums with PND, anxiety, low self esteem, lack of self worth, lack of self confidence or mums just needing a boost.

Find out more on our facebook page.

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Birth & Breastfeeding Club
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I believe that the way we live leave us very vulnerable to feeling lonely in pregnancy and in the postnatal period.


The Birth & Breatfeeding club was created for women to easier access support directly from other women. They can either directly chat with me via the facebook page, join the group to get online support or come to one of our meet-ups. 

Perinatal Psychiatry (NHS)

The Perinatal Psychiatry Team provides a service for women who are experiencing psychological and emotional difficulties related to pregnancy, childhood and early motherhood.

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