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Parenting Courses and Workshops

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Becoming Families Worcestershire

Becoming Families is a local charity developed in response to an unmet need for

evidence-based and accessible support for local parents in their journey to becoming families.

We recognise that this life-changing time brings challenges, as well as joys, and want to be there to help smooth the transition and give new families the best possible start. 

We offer a range of courses, workshops, groups and 1:1 support.

Our facilitators are highly trained antenatal teachers (DipHE), experienced health professionals (midwives and bresatfeeding support worker) and specialist family support workers, with many years' experiencing in working with, listening to and supporting new parents.  This guarantees you a holistic approach to our work and high quality class facilitation. 


Consider this course the manual that your baby didn't come with!​

Over the six sessions we will consider what all the research tells us about infant development, needs and behaviour, and apply this knowledge to your own baby.

By attending the course you will​

 - learn to understand your baby better

 - recognise your baby's unique qualities and challenges

 - be able to make parenting choices based upon evidence and the unique needs of your baby

 - develop confidence in your parenting skills and choices


Topics include "The Fourth Trimester", attachment, infant sleep, communication, play, neurodevelopment and developmental leaps.


A 6-week course for new mums with pre-crawling babies.

Come and enjoy a safe, nurturing, supportive environment to explore the issues arising when you become a parent.

In the course, you will have the opportunity to:

- share and reflect on your birth experience
- explore changing relationships
- reflect on your changing identity

- learn coping skills for challenging times
- share tips and experiences with other mums
- gain confidence in your parenting choices

Tel.  Jo 07789 682197

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