Postnatal Exercise Classes

Pilatebaby Classes
Elizabeth Alexander Physio & Pilates

Barnt Green
Cofton Hackett

Would you like to improve your posture, balance, spinal mobility, fitness, core strength and much more under the watchful eye of a highly experienced Physiotherapist?

Our classes are great way to bond with your baby whilst giving your body some well needed attention.


  • Wednesdays at 1130am - St Andrews Church,


  • Mondays at 1130am – New Cofton Village Hall


Our EAPP Pilatebaby classes are suitable for mothers with babies 8 weeks old until on the move.  Learn and practice specific exercises taught by a highly experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapist to regain your core and pelvic floor strength, spinal mobility, posture and much more whilst also bonding with your baby.  Social time after the class to meet other mums and babies.


The Pilatebaby class will focus on:


-        Improving your pelvic floor, core and whole-body strength.

-        Improving your rib control, flexibility and thus and breathing pattern.

-        Increasing your fitness levels to return to sport and running.

-        Enhance your postural awareness & strengthen your mind–body connection.

-        Focus sessions and discussions with other mothers during social time.

Contact: Elizabeth Alexander     


Phone: 07850 604 425

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Carrie Kidman Beeson Fitness Classes

Colwall and Malvern

Our classes are specifically designed for mums-to-be and postnatal mums and are taught by highly trained ante and postnatal instructors. 

During the antenatal class we work on strength, stamina and endurance in the muscle groups traditionally weakened during pregnancy while releasing muscle tensions which will help to counteract all those niggles, aches and pains.  It will also set you up for the physical demands of late pregnancy, labour and those early days with a little one. 

Our postnatal classes help ladies to rebuild their strength and body shape in a safe way. We have a free Creche at all daytime classes so you can see your baby and know they are safe whilst you exercise.

A fantastic opportunity to meet other mums/ mums-to-be.  Following your class you will leave feel relaxed, energised and revitalised!

Contact Carrie


Tel.  07990 658743      E-mail


Glowing Mamma

Droitwich, Worcester and Pershore

Glowing Mamma is a midwife- led Antenatal and Postnatal Fitness company based in Worcestershire. Independently run by Rosie, a Midwife and Level 3 Antenatal and Postnatal Fitness Instructor with a keen interest in running and functional fitness, our classes are a relaxed, safe environment for mammas to come along to, not only for exercise but also to meet other new mums and mums-to-be.


Classes are suitable from 14weeks pregnant for antenatal and from birth postnatally, and are supportive of all fitness levels.

All our classes consist of:


-Stretch/Yoga elements

-Fitness Training*

-Pelvic Floor

-Relaxation and aromatherapy

We then have a good natter over a cup of tea, before parting ways full of endorphins and oxytocin until next week’s class.

*low-impact, physiotherapist- recommended exercises before 8 weeks following vaginal birth or 12 weeks following caesarean section

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fiesta fit club, postnatal exercise classes, worcester postnatal, postnatal services


Postnatal pilates and exercise

Evesham Area

Professional Background

Claire has 16 years of experience and is currently lecturing within the field at University. Previous positions include work with the USA Ski Team and Australian Olympic Gymnasts. As an Exercise Physiologist and practicing Psychologist Claire has worked closely with health care professionals and treated a range of patients with chronic diseases such as CHD, Diabetes, Arthritis and Osteoporosis. In addition Claire is a trained life coach and has extensive experience in the field of sport and exercise psychology helping people overcome obesity, fear of failure and other mental skills concerns. 

About me 

I have two children aged 2 and 4 who I am besotted with. I found the stress of working full time with children too much and wanted more balance. I am passionate that exercise has to be fun to be maintainable. I ensure the classes are free from judgment,  relaxed and they always seem to be full of laughter. 


Currently running 

Pram-ercise classes - Bring your baby/toddler and come have a fun session where we work on the whole body with a focus on postnatal recovery. 

Tuesday and Fridays at 10am . Meet at Babychinno in Evesham


Pilates Fitness Classes 

Tuesday 6-7pm at Honeybourne village Hall

Thursday 7-8pm at Orchard Court, Wickhamford, WR11 7RP


HITT training- Interval boot camp style

7.30 Wednesday eve at Orchard court, Wickhamford, WR11 7RP 


Pilates with bubs

Starting soon- call for interest and secure place  07554192487

Contact Claire

Tel.  07554192487      E-mail

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fiesta fit club, postnatal exercise classes, worcester postnatal, postnatal services

The Eden Centre

Grovewood Road


WR14 1GD


Mummy Fitness


Mummy Fitness

Mummy Fitness classes focus on group circuit training with a maximum of 10 Mums and baby’s allowing time to focus on you as an individual and your goals.

You can of course incorporate your little ones into the class if they become unsettled meaning you don't miss out and babies needs are attended too. 

This class will help you achieve your post natal goals, improving your cardiovascular fitness, strength building and body toning.

Babies can play and socialise in the middle of the room while Mums work out and have fun!


You can join Mummy Fitness classes after 6 weeks if you had a non complicated birth. After 8 weeks if you had any complications and after 12 weeks if you had a c-section. Ensure you and baby have had the all clear and your 6 week check up before attending.

Venue: The Eden Centre Grovewood Road, Malvern WR14 1GD

Contact Kym


Tel.  07875 938725      E-mail