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Postnatal Massage & Therapies for You

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Element Earth

Pregnancy  and Postnatal Massage

Tel.  07725 460380

My name is Claire and I work as a Holistic Massage Therapist, specialising in pregnancy and postnatal massage. I have undertaken excellent pregnancy massage training with Suzanne Yates at

I offer massage sessions which are focussed on you, and what your needs are at the time we
work together. I aim to offer a space and experience that supports you in nurturing and
relaxing your body (which in turn nurtures and relaxes your baby), releases overwhelm, and
enables you to feel comfortable and engaged in your changing body. It’s somewhere that
you can be focussed on how you feel and what you need. Time-out to be nurtured, where
you can switch off from outside noise and demands and connect with yourself and the
growing life inside you.

Sessions last an hour and a half, in order to really give you time to let go and connect. I
support you through guided visualisations, breathing exercises, movement, pelvic floor
awareness and massage. The massage, which also includes gentle shiatsu work can take
place using a birthing ball, massage table or a futon on the floor. I can work with you at any
stage of pregnancy.

Massage can feel like a ‘pampering’ experience, but actually, massage for
pregnant women has been practised in different cultures around the world for many years.
It could be considered an essential to pre- natal care. Not only does the experience aim to
prevent and alleviate any physical discomfort, but it may also support increased blood flow
(which is great for your growing baby), improved digestion, better sleep, reduced stress and
greater sense of emotional wellbeing.

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Welcome to the wonderful rollercoaster of new Parenthood and congratulations on the arrival of your baby!

My name is Nat and I am the MamaBabyBliss Teacher in Malvern. I am very lucky to offer classes and workshops for all things, pregnancy, baby & Toddler. I am a fairly new parent of two myself and have massively benefitted from supportive groups like these during my own parenthood journeys. I am dedicated to my mission to support the wellbeing of Mums and Babies. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon, Nat x



Postnatal massage and Mums Wellbeing Massage

'Mummy-Me-Time' Postnatal Massage

A restorative 60 minute full body treatment that can be given safely after birth. Using gentle strokes and alternative positioning (side positioning to eliminate breast and stomach pressure), this treatment will soothe away aches and pains, boost recovery and relax the mind leaving new mummy feeling refreshed and restored. Suitable for all now mothers (please wait 6 weeks post abdominal/C-section delivery)


Mother Nurtured, Full Body Massage.

A restorative 60 Minute full body treatment that uses traditional Swedish Massage techniques. Using a combination of gentle strokes and deeper massage this treatment will ease aches & pains, relax the mind and body and leave you feeling revived.




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HRB - Happy, relaxed babies

Upton-upon-Severn & surrounding areas

POSTNATAL MASSAGE – I offer a range of holistic therapies including postnatal massage. Following
your baby’s birth your body may ache, feel tired, emotional and in need of some relaxation. A
postnatal massage aims to provide you with time to relax while also helping you to revive some of
your energy. The massage will sooth your muscles amongst many other benefits.

I am based in the beautiful countryside in Upton Upon Severn which provides an idyllic and relaxing
environment for you to visit. Treatments are available from my therapy room with free parking on
site. Each treatment is tailored to your requirements and time is given after each massage for you
to relax.

Hilary Bell MFHT

Tel.  07880 634 088

I also offer BABY MASSAGE classes.

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Anne Bradshaw, Holistic Bodywork Therapist

Tel.  07875 526203

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